Till my last breath i will wait for you

I don’t know what to do

I don’t know what say

Something is missing in me

Why are you not here for me

Please tell me way to reach you

I am crying silently

No one is here for consoling me

No one is here to pat my head

No one here to holds my hands

No one is here to encourage me

People’s are judging me

No one can handle me

Come and hold my hand again

I am missing your warmth

Till then i will live for you

Till my last breath i will wait for you

Please tell me how it’s is in comment


Hello everyone

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Surprise is i am going to post my new story chapter 1 soon

Title”Find my Avni”

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New beginning

In evening my love is still sleeping on my bed.I try to wake her up but she is not waking up

“please let me sleep”she said in sleeply voice. “love wake up it’s 6’oclock in evening and you are still sleeping”.

I decided to do which she not accepted( oh my wild mind) and in few seconds my lips are on her and she open her eyes in shock she responed to my kiss

After few minutes “Nikhil why do you kiss me .you wake me like that”she said said and then pout

“my love i will always wake you up like this everyday”i say this with smirk on my face

I know lots of thing happened today but she doesn’t alter a sing word about that, she is pretending to be strong but she is hurt by her family that they don’t even ask her that is she is fine or not and also blame her character. she even not thing that she has to face all of these.

“love now get ready we going to meet my parents and now your also. We are going for dinner tonight there “i said to her with smile on my face

“but I don’t have my clothes here”she said and i think is now state of crying

“You not need to worry I have already arrange all of your clothes they are in my wardrobe” I said this like i have achieved a award of best boyfriend of the year


“but how could you know my size of clothes”

“just a secret…”

Niya pov

“But I want to know please please tell me…please” I ask him

“I work as model before working as business man so I have an idea” he replied

“ohh. You are superb .by the way I want to share something with you” i stated don’t know consuiesece

“Yeh ofcourse tell me babe “he said with cute smile on his face

“Actually I always want to learn business but I am unable to understand anything could you help in learning this”i spoke in one go

“Yah ofcourse I will help you . so if you really want to learn business then first you have to take a business degree, ok wait I will searched best college for you infact I know one in which our company is investing so I make sure you will get admission there and I will help you in learning “he said smiling and there is some proud on his face

“Ok thank you so much nikhil “i said with my huge smile

He kissed my forehead and simply nodded simling

After half an hour I am ready as I don’t like applying makeup I only put my mositurser, kajal ,mascara and one bindi and I am wearing dark red color beautiful saree with pair of flat red hell.

I come out of room and see Nikhil is wearing suit with exactally suit  matching my saree

We both are staring each other and then Nikhil held my waist as he is now facing my back .

He wisper in my ear

“You are looking so beautiful niya and I want to eat you now “

His words are making me hypnotise

“Nikhil don’t forgot we have to visit your parents today”

“Ahh.. ok lets go otherwise I will go out of my control.”

After 20 minutes

We reaches in front of huge mansion. Front door open our car drove in…..

My girlfriend

Chapter 4


After she is ready to give me chance to be her boyfriend.I came to drop her at apartment.I can hear someone  inside is  shouting inside her apartment  .I put my hand on her shoulder to ensure her. She open her door nervously .I can see her family everyone is first  looking furious on her and then shocked seeing me.I then look at her she  seeing everyone  in  fear in her eyes  and shocked expression. She is now likely yesterday same fear in her eyes. Now she is holding my hands tightly . I follow her eyes she is seeing a man older than me .What if he can be that yesterday person.yeh he is definitely that bastard  because he looking at her with wrong intentions

“Nia where have you been whole night you know how we are worried that time I think you have run away with someone guy.who is these guy your boyfriend or  you both hadn’t marry na? OMG what I will  do . now see everyone not let her stay her here alone. how will  stand in this society.”one lady said seemed to be her mother.

How can she  be say anything about her? Is she really know her

I can feel my blood is boiling.

“Aunty, don’t say a word about her.i am warning you” I replied angrily.

“Who are you? I will say  whatever I want to  say to my daughter what you will do?”she asked me

“How can you talk to her to like this. you know who I am and now who she  is even if you all are not her family member you  all have been dead right  by now”

“she is our daughter and I don’t know who you are and what you talking about” she replied.

“she is now soon to be Nia dutt.She is soon to be owner wife of Dutt enterprises and also soon to be  she is daughter in law of Dutt family and for now she is my girlfriend ”

Everyone is shocked

“How can you marry her.She has a cheap character.You don’t know her how  many people she fuck off…”a that man speak out  who is sitting at corner .

Suddenly I felt her hold tighter on my hand.

“You..how dare you”I shouted out angrily

I see her my love is crying and suddenly she become unconscious in my arms

I take her with me outside her apartment in bridal style .

After coming out of her apartment I wake her up without any wasting time she hugged me

 She hugged me crying on my shoulder I realise that its like same as yesterday. I ask her” Is he is also there”she hugged me more tightly

 “y..yes”she replied.I hugged her  more tightly as I can

“It ’s ok no one can harm you now . please stop crying”  I am also crying with her.

I took her and move inside her apartment

That  bastard is  also there.all of them are seemed to be shocked because I throw  that bastard to ground through his collar of shirt.

My bodyguard come near me and take him away from my eyesite.

“What..”aunty try to stop me but I started beating him .How dared him to harm her.

When he is gone.

My love come and hugged me.She is crying and her tries are falling on my shoulders and causing me pain and darkness engulf her

“So everyone I want to tell you all stay away from her and nowwards if anyone try to say anything to her then I will forgot that you all  are her family members”I warned them with my words and my eyes and without wasting my time I take her in bridal style and drive towards my apartment.

Due to some issues i unable to issue your suprise but surely tomorrow i will .

Hope you guys forgive me and enjoy reading my story “can i trust you”

Past and Future

Chapter 3

Niya  pov

I can’t believe he is standing front of me I am sweating in fear,shievering .i am thinking I am in hell

All past reminded in my mind..

Same place same time this is same person.that day also I am  closing my café and he entered in  my café .he rape me I can’t do anything I beg him but he doesn’t  listen to me after that day he always come to my apartment and blackmail me and do me want he want to do. Also I said jiya to away from my apartment as I don’t want that he do anything with her and after few months I suicide.

I reborn and same events are going on

Oh my god same past is recalling I will not let happen it again.

He come near me “hello beautiful”his hand is holding my shoulder.he foricly kiss me on my lips.i am crying I tried to run away but held me with my waist and push me on the floor.he is lying above me kissing me harshly. I tried to get him off. But he didn’t move. With all my power I kicked him and run outside my café. I run …run with my all strength suddenly I  see lots of cars  buzzing horns I realize I reaches on highway and  i realize that he is running towards me . I tried to hide  besides car.i knock on cars to help me but all refuses.i knock with my last hope on car window seeing every where that he can’t find .suddenly I saw person sitting in car opens his car door.I see towards him that stranger who I meet in my café . I suddenly hugged him tightly as he is only in this world who can help me.Suddenly darkness engulf me.


I open my eyes and see ceiling I got afraid this is not my room. I feel someone hand on my waist then I see him that stranger  sleeping besides me calmly.I recalled all event of night that happens yesterday.It is horribly I never want to see him. I don’t realize when I started crying.I  realize someone hand on my face “Why are you crying my love ”.I don’t what happened to me but I suddenly hugged him tightly and he hugged me too.I  don’t understand anything  but I feel secure with him. “Love ,don’t cry I will not let anyone touch you.Please stop crying”.he said in worrying  tone.

In past also he came to my café I remembered it’s mean that time also he is in traffic means if that time I used my strength then I can reach him.why I don’t reach him.Why??

 After few minutes I back from my world and I am feeling better in his arms. “Do you want to eat something .Wait I call my butler”I simply nodded

After 15 minutes our breakfast come in bedroom. He put it on nightstand and then help me in sit properly. We eat fried rice  .I  don’t know how he came know my favorite dish may be he also like this in breakfast.W hen I am done with breakfast I asked him “Can I ask you one question”. He replied “yeh! Why not, you can ask me anything my love.”I blused on his replied.

Did he really call me  Love i realise he calling by this from beginning

I ask him his name and I suddenly shock on his reply he is one of billionarie bachelor and dream boy of every girl “Nikhil dutt

Nikhil dutt pov

I open my seeing girl beside me is crying.ohh…my love is crying why? because of me or that man who scare her.

I pat on her face she suddenly hugged me tightly and me too.i love her.I will not allow  anyone hurt her.She is so innocent. If anyone even touch her they are going to pay with their  life.

I asked her for breakfast .She nodded. After we are done with breakfast she ask me my name I answered her and she  seem to be shock.


“Nikhil  sir thankyou for saving me yesterday.thank….”before I could complete he said in angry tone “don’t call me again sir otherwise I will kiss you on your lips as your punishment”.

“But sir…”before I could complete he cut of me by putting his lips on me .I  tried to push him but held me more tightly .But I don’t feel unsecured or weried like yesterday I am feeling good. Suddenly I started kissing him again and kiss become  more passionately and his tongue enter my mouth and his win my mine. He ended kiss for breath. We both are breathing heavily and I am blushing and my face is tured red like Tomato

I tried to be clam I know  I am so soft from my heart and I hurt easily but I can’t let anyone know me . In front of my family, friend and world I am a careless, carefree girl and strong  girl but in reality I am afraid of  my past no one know even not my family.But in front him I  show my true why? I even don’t know him?and why he is calling me love .is he really love me?lots of question.

“I know nia what you thinking.You are thinking why I am doing all this .saying you my love ,caring you and all things. But trust me Nia when I first I saw in you café I fall in love at first site with you.You are beautiful nia and most beautiful is your soul and I know you are not that which you show to others you are different in reality.I  know some fear in your mind and there is past I guess which bothering you but I promise from now no one even touch you.I  love you nia”he said all this in one breath.i hugged him I never know anyone who can understand me not even my parents they never care for me that much. If also me and brother /sister fall ill together they don’t care about me but he love me understand me in seeing me at first sight how these can possible

“Nia will you be my life partner for forever”.suprise

Nikhil dutt most eligible bachelor is asking being his lifepatner.

“but I have meet you twice”.

“You are mine only and doesn’t matter to me I want you to give me one chance atleast”

I think few minutes.While walking in his room.He  is waiting for my reply looking on me in hope.

“ok”I replied.he seem to shock and happy at same time.he hold my legs and make a round.he is happy and shouting “you are mine.yep!!”

Ohh!! Nikhil stop  it.

“ok madam , know tell me everything about you” he asked me .

I tell him everything my likes and dislikes  except my past and I tell him that I will tell him later on about yesterday.he kissed me on my forehead to fell me secure  . Farther he tell me about his likes and dislikes.

After 1 hour I have freshup I suddenly recalled of jiya. She may be worried about me.

I let my phone in café last night so I ask him for phone and he gave me his phone. I dialed her number.

“hello who is this” she asked

“hello jiya its me”

“oh niya how are you and where are you and searching you from last night and why  are you  not picking your phone and whose  number is this….”

“Stop jiya . I am fine and safe and literally sorry for yesterday. i will tell everything when I will come to you ok now don’t worry.i will reach I half hour ok.”

“Ok nia and yes take care.bye see you soon”

Called ended

I see Nikhil who is sitting on couch doing his work.

“Nikhil I think I should go home as jiya must be worrying for me”

“ok I will drop you to your house” he said placing kiss on my forehead

After 25 minutes.

I reached to my door of my apartment .Lots of noise is coming from inside.Someone is shouting I regoinse its  my mom.someone put hand on my shoulder yeh its him.He insure me.I  open my door of apartment.

My whole family  is standing there looking furious at me and he is also here that bastard . I am shocked why he is there? What he doing no he can’t be here.no please no!!!

This chapter is dedicated to Musing of souls and Stephanie my first two followers

2nd meeting



I am preparing black coffee and I  can feel two beautiful black eyes on me and which is  making me feel awkard

After 5 minutes

“Sir is anything as   you need”I ask strange man while serving him his black coffee. “you”he mummered

My heart beat suddenly increase and become shock. “what” I asked in shock. “ I mean I am saying please give me bills  I am in hurry”.ohh… I think something as and I give him his bail. He took out his wallet and handed me cash and slightly his hand brushes my hand making shivere in my spine . “Bye”he said at lat going out my café .

I was about to close my café it is about 9ó clock .But someone open my café door and come inside I  am in shock he is …someone ..Help me…safe me….


I come out of café and drove towards my office.I attend my meeting .I am currently sitting on my desk and seeing  one envelope is on my desk. I open  that envelope


Father name  RAJESH KAPPOR work as accountant in bank

Mother name   SONALI KAPPOR housewife


  Education qualification B.sc interior designing


HOBBIES  sketching,reading and writing novels
Currently finding jobs in entertainment industry.




And so on…..

Amazing she is  really talented . ohh my  love you are  beauty with brain.

But there one thing bothering me she is frightened of something. In her eyes I can see that.

There is something she is hiding because I can see sadness behind her smile.
I completed my all work and now is about to  9’o clock
 I grab my sports car key and drove to way to my house. I am stuck in traffic and suddenly someone knock my window of car and up my head to see who is there.

She is there on my window which make me shock she is seeing afraid, tears are rolling from her eyes. I hurriedly open my door of car and she hugged me tightly and me too. She became unconscious in my arms.i put her in my car and drove towards my house.I put her on my  bed and called my family doctors. I can see fingerprints on her face and bruises on her hand which make my blood boils. “WHO DARE TO TOUCH HER AND MAKE HER CRY.SHE IS MINE ONLY MINE AND NO ONE CAN TOUCH HER .NO ONE..”I said to myself  while doctor come  and checked her .he tell me not worry . she will wake up tomorrow.I put blanklet on her andhold her tightly because she is still shivering in fears. I placed kiss on her forehead and fall asleep with her.

1st meeting

Yet I am comeback I have tried lot of time but failed every time but this I am fully ready

I know I am 17 soon to be 18 so I have to focus on my studies but what can I do I am very much fantasy girl who always want to publish my own novel.

I am Niyati yadav.i am student .

I am from India but I want that my book reaches to every part of this world

I am beginner in this field.

I am going to tell a beautiful love story I have imaginied it.

I have  taken lots of ideas from different lovestory as well as from drama and somehow I am also realitable to this story I am very glad if all will read this story.

                                     CHAPTER  : INTRODUCTION


“Jiya I am getting late for my cafe. I have put your breakfast on the dinning table don’t forgot to eat before you leave for your interview”I said and move out of my apartment.

Actually Jiya is my best friend since college time she is crazy girl I ever meet in my life . she is extremely active girl in every other tasks like fighting with boys , gossiping , up to date with trends going on  full opposite of mine .Whatever she is  my bestie.

After 15 minutes,

I take a taxi and reaches to my own reading café. “A CUP OF COFFEE”.In this city very few people know this my own café only manager this café know that who is my uncle .He help me a lot and he is so much trust weridy person I know .

“Namaste  uncle Ramesh”I gretted him. “Uncle know you can go i will take care of my café . Don’t worry about café , take your wife to hospital for her routine checkup (as she pregent) she need you more then this café . For today i am here. “ok dear”he replied and go out of the café.

Nikhil dutt

“I will reach in my office in one hour’I replied to my seceretry who is on my call for meeting European client. I see one café near my car I step out of car and read name of cafe A CUP OF COFFEE .

I went in café it is so well decored with hanging and pictures I also see one shelf filled with lots of books all related to communication ,tourism,history and romantic novels and most attractive thing in that café is that lady who serving the guest. She is having beautiful dark brown eyes with curles in her hair and most attractive is her lips which are soft and pink  naturally and I can see she doesn’t   apply any makeup on her face she is the naturally beautiful girl.

I seat near the glass window from were I can see her. She came near me after serving the guests with notepad and a pen .She smiled and asked me “sir what would you like to have?”. I got lost in her sweet melody voice. “SIR ….HELLO SIR”voice again come in my ear  and I awake from my lost dreams. “ohh. Ymm.. I like to have black coffee with one cube of sugar.”I answered. “ok sir I will get in 5 minutes anything as sir?”

“no”I replied the she nodded her head and go to get the ordered.


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